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Diesen Freitag am 16.Mai findet die 3.te Anti Repressions Kneipe statt. Dieses mal wird Halim Dener gedacht der im Juni 1994 beim plakatieren in Hannover von der Polizei erschossen wurde.

Ab 20h gibt es Essen und ab 21h die Veranstaltung.

Refugee Welcome Center

In the context of the „Recht auf Stadt kennt keine Grenzen“ Parade on May 1st, the „Refugee Welcome Center“ (RWC) was opened. In this action, a vacant elementary scool was occupied in the Laeiszestraße 12. The aim of RWC is to create an open center to serve as emergency accommodation and workspace for refugees as well as their supporters. Such a center is urgently needed for the group of Lampedusa in Hamburg, who have lived in the streets of Hamburg for over a year and whose problems are completely ignored by the Senate. For one year now, the Senat has been asked by various groups of supporters to finally take care of the needs of the group and to allow their residence in accordance with § 23 of the Residence Act. These demands has been ignored. In addition, the refugees‘ life was made difficult by racist police controls. Since the Senate is unable to find a decent solution, civil society is now asking for and taking a suitable place and find their own solution.

The RWC had to be closed shortly after opening, because the school authority, which is owner of this empty buiding, pressed criminal charges.
The supporters have agreed to leave the building for the moment, to prevent eviction by the police. The demand of the RWC supporters remains a permanent home and work permit for the refugees in Hamburg.
Four plenary meetings were held, two in the RWC and two in front of it. It was decided to continue these regular meetings and to start other solidarity events in front of the school.

The next general Assembly is planned for 07/05/2014. The exact time and place will be announced over the mailing list, on Twitter or the blog.

To subcribe to the mailing list, please send a blank e-mail to rwc-subcribe(ÄT) and confirm the reply.
The Hashtag on Twitter is: #RWCHH


Vokü 08. + 09.Mai

Die Vokü am Donnerstag fällt leider wegen der Vorbereitungen für den alternativen HafenGeburtstag aus!

Liebe Filmfreund_innen,
Aufgrund des Hafengeburtstags fällt der Filmclub am Freitag den 09.05.2014 aus.
Der nächste Filmclub Termin ist am Freitag den 13.06.2014, über das Programm informieren wir euch rechtzeitig.

Euer Filmclub Team

Kleine Empfehlung bez. des HafenGeburtag:

Die Bar neben der kleinen Bühne vor der HafenVokü (unten) lohnt besucht zu werden.

Achtet aufeinander, es ist zu befürchten das gefrustete HSVer und Aue-Fans sich an diesem Wochenende an ST.Pauli Fans und Co. aufm Kiez abreagieren wollen.